Hello to everybody! 😉😎
We're all home! The expedition is over 🛬
Here is a very quick and brief report. Details later.
Chamjé Khola "integrale" - 9 people, 8 days, 7.5km, + 3170m, -3310m. It's a beautiful and amazing line. Very tough, long and complex trip. You can not omit any part. Classification V7.A7.EX is sitting. There is no way out of the canyon and the possible rescue would be very, very complicated, from most of the places being strictly excluded.
2 days ascend over rib 4290 m.n.m. sometimes very difficult terrain. Hard canyoning adventure with an height difference of 2300m, very very long, long, long ...🙄😏
At the start of 3450 m.s.l. was about 5cm new snow, which was reflected in narrow parts of the "Grand Corridor" by a many of water. The descent was slow. We are late in the afternoon totally frozen by at "Black Hole" with the vision of descent in the dark with a heavy bags 2 x 18kg per person into a totally unknown terrain. The solution is clear. After reconnaissance of the place (we started to prepare traverse) we have chosen a more suitable variant of the French by-pass, in which we have established a dry bivouac on a small balcony.
All the other by-passes were descended directly by water. We come to the "rescue point" late at night. Here waiting friends and sherpas with food a new material´s and batterie´s. The second day of the afternoon the three strong guys goes continues to "down part". The descent was completed the following day in the evening in the Chamjé Village across the river Marsyanghi (cross river traverse) 🤪
Thanks in particular to our great Nepalese friend Rajesh Lama Tamang🧘‍♂️, to all new Nepalese friends, guides and sherpas. Greetings and thanks to HCT "machine"😈. Personally, I want to thank all participants for the successful expedition of Nepal 2018 for their invention, energy, endurance, improvisation😉 and strong nerves. Thank you all 💦🙏